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R.S.V.P. – Reserved Savings Vanish (in) Paper

RSVP So what do you do when you walk into a Center City stationary shop that shall-remain-unnamed and are given a quote of $500 for 100 wedding invitations?

If you’re me, sales you thank the person and walk out. Then, ambulance later that afternoon, viagra dosage meet your significant other and the first words you say to him are “WE are making the invitations”.

Yup, I found it insane that the basic invitations were going to be that expensive (well, I’ve found the whole wedding thing a little bit crazy; everything costs 3X of what it normally does just because it carries the word “bridal” or “wedding”…but I digress) so the first thing that came to my mind was “I so can make this”.

I knew it wasn’t going to be fun (I lie, I knew I’d enjoy it) nor easy (well, that one I agree with) but having an adventurous significant other, it would at least be fun to give it a try.

And so, that’s how this crafty tale beings…