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At the Train Show

A table full of LionelSaturday, cystitis we met Owen, epidemic Jess and Josh at the Allentown Train Meet Associates First Frost Train Meet. We to an ATMA event with Scottycakes (see his photos), gonorrhea but he couldn’t go this time. Something about walking a friend’s dog at 3pm. Yeah… sure! 😉

We managed to have a good time, anyway. It’s a big show, at 50,000 square feet in two large rooms at the Allentown Fairgrounds. Dozens of vendors; plenty of variety.

American Flyer 19B with colored lightsI was specifically looking for parts for an American Flyer 19B 300 Watt transformer my father found at his local Town Dump Recycling Center for free. It works fine, but is missing a couple of colored light bulb covers. (Circled in white in the pic on the left.) I found the transformer itself for sale for $75 and got to see exactly what’s missing. I then found a guy selling reproduction parts, including the ones I need. Score!

ATMA show overviewCraftyangie was looking for unpainted plastic O scale people for the geeky little train setup we do at Christmas, and model trees. She didn’t find the people, but found the trees, from a vendor who remembered us from last time. One out of two isn’t bad at one of these events.

Lionel PrizeThe kicker to all of this is, we actually won a door prize this year! Each admission ticket has a number on it. I was walking alone at one point and they called a number one less than my own. I figured it was 50-50 whether Craftyangie’s ticket was one lower or one higher than mine. And in fact, her ticket was the winner! Pretty cool. So we won a Lionel rail car from one of the vendors, Pete Costa (who doesn’t seem to have any kind of internet presence, or I’d link to him here). It’s a flat car with a Hard Rock Cafe sign on it. *shrug* Honestly, I wouldn’t buy one myself, but it was a pretty cool thing to win. We found Pete Costa and thanked him.

Of course the Allentown Fairground also contain the Allentown Farmer’s Market. It’s a 100% for real (not a tourist trap) Farmer’s Market, and I love going there. Here’s a pic we took while there…

Allentown Farmer’s Market

A good time!