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Fork You does Thanksgiving!

scott and marisaMost of the people that read this know that i’m the camera woman at Fork You (well, ask most of the time, last month I had a honeymoon to attend to so I was unable to fulfill my Fork You responsibilities).

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed is being behind the scenes of things. I’m a little shy to be in the spotlight (and besides, if there is anything to memorize, I just mess my lines anyway); on the other hand, the fixing of last minute problems, creating baby Jesus out of sweaters, making sure things don’t fall on people, creating sceneries or costumes…that is what I call fun.

Another one of my joys is food (heck it only took one week for my new coworkers to find that out)…and Fork You (above a picture of Scott and Marisa, the co-hosts of the show) has combined both of these joys for me! And did I mention that it is a lot of fun?

This month Fork You is doing Thanksgiving; one of the holidays I have come to enjoy because it involves plenty of cooking*. Since last week was also the first Fork You anniversary (time goes by flying when you’re having fun!) what better way to celebrate other than leaving you with links to this month’s delicious recipes?

Week 1: Brine! Fire! Turkey!

The most delicious smoked turkey you’ll ever have. It was moist and flavorful thanks to Marisa’s brine and the Orion cooker (which we’ll hopefully use sometime soon for other Fork You endeavors).

Week 2: Turkey sidecar

Fluffy mashed potatoes, followed by carrots and peas. Simple is beautiful…and delicious.

Week 3: Pumpkin Cheesecake and Cranberry sauce (link coming soon)

Easier to make than I thought. Delicious enough that I had 4 servings (yes, and I am not ashamed to admit it, and this was all after the turkey). I forgot to get the recipe that day so I’m looking forward for it being posted. I am very tempted to have it again, hopefully in company so that I don’t eat the whole thing… and the sooner the better!

And with that, we bid adieu for now, wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving! …and safe travels.

*Now, I have never been against Thanksgiving, it just so happens that I did not grow up in this country. I first heard of it thanks to Telemundo and Univision, two US based Latin American TV broadcasting companies, that were starting to broadcast in Latin America too. Watching these channels as a child I kept on wondering “what is this Día de Acción de Gracias about?” and “why won’t people cook turkeys any other day if they’re good in salsa verde? and besides, they deserve to be eaten, they’re just scary birds! The neighbor’s turkeys are always trying to bite me!”.

Wonder what ever happened to the neighbor’s turkey… I think i’m getting hungry!