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Mum-o-rama: the making of.

Well, skincare we already discussed how I liked the pomander balls….now here is how they were made:

1. Beheaded LOTS of mums!
2. Went glue gun CRAZY!

Nah, viagra order seriously, these are the changes that I made to the pomander idea:

Reagents (sorry, can’t take the scientist out of me!):

Ingredients for a pomander ballcraft balls (styrofoam balls), silk mums (and their leaves)
fall “sprigs” as accent, exacto knife, scissors, glue gun, glue sticks and ribbon.


cutting silk leaves

One: Proceeded to behead the mums, separating the mum flowers, the leaves and the stems. Separated the leaves from some of their plastic “frame” using an exacto knife; this allowed for easier gluing later.

Making a hole on styrofoam ball

Two: I made a hole in the center of each ball…it would have been difficult to do so after the gluing process! Notice what I am using to make the hole? Yep, the stick where the silk mums came in. Isn’t that crafty of me?

Ribbon through styro ball

Three: Using the stick again, I pushed the ribbon through the hole.

gluing leaves

Four: Since I wanted the balls to look more like small “arrangements” I wanted to add a little bit of green (rather than end up with a sea of undistinguishable red) by using the leaves so I glued them to the base of each mum. About 2-4 leaves per mum. I really wanted the green to peek out here and there…

Gluing flowers to ball

Five: Glued the flowers to the ball. I had a scheme for this; to make them look even, I would glue the first flower and surround it with flowers…sort of like a honeycomb of flowers.


Six: every so often I would ad a little bit of the “fall spring of color” to add a little bit of interestingness to the ball.

Pomander 8

Seven: Since I wanted one of the sides to lie flat against the pew, I covered one side with leaves only (this sort of also made them look like certain white-flower arrangements that are placed in bride’s homes in Mexico on their wedding day)…I guess this makes them technically semi-circles.

Now, tie the ribbon (make a small bow at the end) and…

Pomander 9

all done! now, tie a little knot (or bow as I did) on the ribbon and you’re ready to hang them on the pews!

Pomander 10

….now if I could only find someone else that needs them…