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You mean people used to print out -every- photo?

Photo Collection printed outIn my last post, resuscitator I alluded to getting some photos I’ve taken printed out. And today, breast they arrived in the mail. Cool!

I gotta say, phimosis I’m very happy with the results, especially for the price. There’s one 4×6, seven 5×7 and two 8×10 prints in the set pictured on the left. They cost $0.19, $0.39 and $2.29 apiece respectively, which I think is darn cheap. Especially since it’s Kodak photographic paper, not inkjet. Five of them genuinely get a “wow” reaction, which is pretty neat.

South Philly Tap Room Beer LightsIt’s almost a foreign concept to think that just six years ago, every time I took a photo, I always got at least one printed out copy of the image, because it was on film. Digital is a different world. I take dozens of photos that I’d never consider paying to see, which means I take all kinds of “risks” with my photography that I know I never would if I knew I had to pay for both film and developing. I’d love to say that the photo on the right (that I also mentioned in my last post) was totally pre-planned, an exercise in photographic skill, or something like that. But it was a totally off-the-cuff shot. I put the camera in aperture priority mode, set the lens for f/2, focused on the beer and almost accidentally captured my favorite photo in recent memory. It’s a shot I guarantee I’d never have bothered with in film… which would have been a shame.

Now, it takes a conscious decision on my part to print out a photo I’ve taken. Which is also too bad, because while that’s a fun bunch of photos I chose, there’s plenty others I’ve taken that deserve at least $0.39 be spent printing them out! I’m going to try to get into the habit of ordering prints a little more often from here on out. How old school of me!


  • alexis

    I recently just had some photos printed as well. I was finally using my lomo photo sampler camera-no viewfinder and 35mm film-so big change from my digital. I forgot about the film developing experience as I dropped off the film and suddenly 1 hour development felt painful in comparison to digital instant download.

    It was truly strange to hold so many of photos-I have not had that experience in quite some time. It felt so much more tangible and live-with the paper in my hand. I forgot what it was like to be gentle with photos.

    also-the woman at ritz camera assumed I wanted a cd of my photos and asked me if I wanted prints too. I can recall where the question was reversed a few years ago-and the cd was the extra, not the prints.

    I love love the beer photo-and wish I could take photos like that-but alas I have a simple digital camera and one fun lomo sampler (interesting photos) and no photography skills.

    I also enjoy using kodakgallery-very nice job and framing options are cheap.

    p.s. thanks for the comments on my blog-glad you liked my poem!

  • craftyangie

    Hi Alexis,

    I know! Along with Thad’s -Boombadeus- pictures above we got our wedding pics and it was quite strange to hold actual photos once again after about 4 years of not doing so.

    The only reason I went digital is because I, unlike him, I foolishly take the risks…I always run through film. Unfortunately I have the tendency to take plenty of pictures of everything; whether it’s digital or not.

    As you can imagine, picture taking was getting expensive, specially with my Advantix (the prices never really went down) and I ended up taking lots of “blanks” :-).