Spring is here!

Well, pregnancy not really, this site but this household has been taken over garden planning. This will be our third year at The Spring Gardens and I can’t wait!

You Grow GirlLast week I ordered from Amazon the book You Grow Girl! by Gayla Trail. I’ve followed Gayla’s blog for over a year now, and her handy “Lazy Gardener’s Automatic Seed Starting Chart” came in handy last year…

Our first year at the garden I started the tomato seedlings too late. I grew up surrounded by fruit trees in warmer, closer to the equator weather, so I didn’t know much about this “plant by” and “frost free” dates. Our second year I was more organized and the tomato crop was plentiful that we were able to share.

The book, hopefully (well, really depending on Amazon, which has been a little spotty lately), shall arrive just in time to start planting lettuce and greens and shall give me time on how to plan for placement of second season crops, rotations and placement of “pollinator attractors” (AKA flowers) and such.

My other reading materials so far have been an older-than-me but extremely useful copy of “Step-by-step to Organic Vegetable Growing” by Samuel Ogden (who Bear mentioned, at yesterday’s ForkYou taping, happened to be one of the pioneers of organic gardening) that I believe I got from Boombadeus’ mom.

I also have a barely read copy of Botany for Gardeners by Brian Capon (bought mostly for my plant molecular biology amusement) that I got at Bookhaven. Don’t ask me why but since I was a child I loved plant leaf crossections…to the point that dad had no other choice than to get me a small microscope. Yes, I got the “I want to be a scientist” bug as child.

In a month or so, and if we end up adding our Flickr stream to the site, you might be bombarded by cute seedling pictures. Since we don’t have pets (unfortunately) get ready for Cute Plant Overload!