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SeedlingCiclos: Cycles in Spanish.

That’s what having a garden is like. Cycles of beautiful lush gardens, link flowers and outdoors; cycles of harvesting the produce you’ve raised from seed and cycles of cold that are enjoyed indoors, hair baking cookies and getting ready for the next year.

Well, the newest cycle has begun. Our windowsills are being taken over by seedlings…and I can’t wait for it to get slightly warmer out!

*for some reason the word cycles doesn’t really have even half of the impact that ciclos has in me. Must have been a childhood full of those seasonal trucks coming down the dirt streets in Mexico with the guy in the back screaming “tomateeees” (tomatoes) or “sandiaaaa“(watermelon) that made me race to my parent’s side screaming “the -insert fruit name here- man is here!” while thinking of the treats that would be eaten later that day. Or it might just be a psychological, mother-tongue, sort of thing…like when I swear… 😛


  • alexis

    Wow I wish I had a green thumb. I should have at least tried to plant something this year-but oh well. I grew up with fresh herbs, vegetables, etc-grown by my mother and grandfather-but I never paid attention to the process. What will you be enjoying this spring/summer?

    Thanks for all your comments on my blog about tea-I love having conversations about my favorite beverage!

    So funny that you posted that comment about mighty leaf’s orchid oolong. One minute before you posted that I responded back to someone telling her to try mighty leaf’s orchid oolong blend-my favorite!! I have found that some people don’t like it’s floral bouquet-and feel as though they are drinking perfume-but I can’t get enough of it!

    Mmm ginger spice tea sounds delicious-I’ll keep my eyes out. I love ginger peach tea-from the republic of tea.

    Too bad you can’t make it to the Tea and Coffee festival. This is my first time attending-tickets and day in nyc are bday presents from friends-so I’m looking forward to it and will update you on the day. I need to try the Chocolate masala-what is it like?

    I am going to try to make it over to fork you live!

  • craftyangie

    I know! I thought I wouldn’t have a green thumb, because I kept on killing my pothos in college…. but tried it with some basil seeds about 6 years ago in my windowsill and something must have changed.

    It’s still not too late to give it a try! (in fact, if we have extra seedlings, which we might, i’ll let you know. We will hopefully enjoy lettuce, tomatoes, scallions, basil, rosemary and thyme (both already growing big in the garden) zucchini, watermelon, canteloupe, potatoes and radishes. No mutant carrots this year.

    Re: tea, I know…i have one cup every day. Funny that we were thinking (and writting) tea at the same time.

    Talking about floral, last month Revolution tea was giving out samples @ 15th and market. Did you catch them? I was given their ginger peach. While I am not fond of peach this tea tasted quite good. It was sweet, and quite floral which turned off my coworker but not me.
    It also had a hint of smokyness which reminded me of a Pu-erh I tried from Mighty Leaf a couple of years ago (can’t figure out which)

    Re: the Masala Chocolate truffle, it is good. I just can’t taste the chocolate anywhere…but I still will drink it. Man, too bad you can’t be there tomorrow, otherwise I’d bring you some to try.

    Have fun at the Tea and Coffee festival!