• Fitting 120 in a space made for 620

    The other week, information pills before filming an episode of Fork You, page Marisa gave me a neat old medium format “folder” camera from her family’s collection, pestilence a Kodak Vigilant Six-20. I was, and continue to be, thrilled with this fun little gift. So… Why would Marisa give me one of these, and what’s it like trying to get a camera that’s over sixty years old to take photographs? Read on, dear anonymous Internet viewer… 🙂

  • Busy, busy, busy!

    You probably couldn’t help but notice that there hasn’t been much new going on here recently. That’s because we’ve been unbelievably busy in recent months! What, sickness with trips to Mexico, Fork You! filming in various places with Scotty and Marisa, weddings, gardening at our community garden plot, and new cameras, who’s had time for messing around with a blog? Well anyway, we’re going to try to put some new content up here, soon. All that activity means there’s been plenty of things going on to think about and share with you… Assuming anyone is still following this blog, of course! 🙂