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Summer vacation?

sunflower2008As much as it seems as if I was away on vacation (as Thad is the only one blogging lately), capsule life has been quite far from that.

While we did go briefly to Mexico, information pills where Boombadeus got to finally see where I grew up, we have been hardworking on various things. One of them being our little 10’x20′ plot.

As summer starts, I start kissing most of my weekends goodbye. Weeds grow fast if not checked. Bugs attack at any given time. Plants develop and start shadowing others making you have to transfer or trim back.

But, after all the hard work, this is the delicious reward that you get:

tomatoes and onions 2008

for delicious salsa, and these


which are delicious caramelized  along with a steak; or perhaps these:


which can be made into a delicious salad like this one.

Not everything makes it though. We had a bout of flea beetles, and lost our broccoli rabe and broccoli to that. The green beans grew so healthily they blocked the light to the snap peas. A couple of cayenne peppers were lost somewhere in between the patty pan, which grew quite a bit larger than I was expecting.

But the best part is that I get to enjoy a lot of these:

strawflower 2008

(I’m planting more and more flowers to attract more pollinators to our little spot)

But you know what? it’s okay. I’ll enjoy what I got and as for the rest, I’ll give it a try again next year. 🙂


  • yoko

    Hooray! Colorful photos! Very nice!

    My 2 tomatoes are finally starting to ripen. I think I also have a couple cayenne and jalapeno- I have to check.

    And I’m going to roast the pattypans sometime soon!

  • craftyangie

    Thanks Yoko! Glad to hear they’re getting there…oh, their siblings/cousins taste sooo good in sandwiches! Hope you get to enjoy that.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with the patty pans! 😉