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A May to remember

babushkabotonI learned how to embroider, mind in school, anemia when I was 8*.

I was in a private elementary in México, and it was tradition in the school that for Mother’s Day you had to make a gift. Yes, I said make; none of this “go buy” stuff. Besides, everyone knows mom always likes it best when it comes from their little angel’s hands…right?

In 3rd grade there had been a découpage hanging plate thing. But, while I do remember having enjoying the being extra careful to give a slightly raised pattern (everyone was just gluing, I wanted to go further!) to the flowers that I glued, I never got into découpage. 4th grade came along and they finally trusted us** with needles.

Before that I had only used a needle to sew things together, make clothes for my dolls, sew a button, maybe even fix the hem on my uniform skirt (which quite often would get caught on something) but this crazy idea of making little flowers using thread was quite new to me.

Just as fast I learned how to embroider, I sadly forgot about it for the next 2 decades, only for the embroidery “devil” in me be reawakened over a year ago. It was a few months before Jess’ wedding and she wanted to add a babushka to her repertoire.

babushkablueI quickly volunteered, as making a white scarf would be quite easy for me, but then it hit me…how about embroidering it and making it look even more authentic? I HAD to do it. And with a vague idea in my head, I headed onto Fabric Row and bought fabric, embroidery floss -mostly in the yellow that Jess had picked as her color- and headed home to hem myself that scarf.

For the pattern I quickly I researched traditional Polish head scarves and costumes and found that roses was a common pattern…so did the two toned embroidery. I grabbed my blue pencil and drew this on the silk scarf:


I added little bunch of blue flowers was added so that the bride would have her “something blue” and some red french knots just ’cause I wanted to make french knots. Bride liked it and wore it which was quite cool!

babushkaredWhile I no longer have the napkins I made for that Mother’s day (hopefully I can find them  next time I go to visit the house in México) every time I embroider nowadays I still remember spending, that April and May, one hour of a day learning a couple of stitches. We would sit by the benches outside the classroom, in the corredor ***….that month, not only did I learn embroidery,  also learned about the perils of embroidery: Sewing in your project onto your skirt!!

*If you do the math you’ll realize that I was an early bloomer. I have two wonderful workaholic parents that taught me how to read and write when I was quite young. I went into kindergarden already reading and writing!

**the teachers, I was trusted with heavy duty scissors at a young age…ok, not really. I just knew where they were in my parent’s workshop.

***hallway, our school had an inner courtyard, and there were covered hallways that lead to the classrooms.