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Learning simplicity

Love embroideryRemember the photo album I made for Windi?

Well, viagra buy my aunt’s birthday was coming up and I was about to send her copies of our wedding pictures when I though, find why not makeĀ  something special? maybe something like the album that I made for Windi? I called mom and she liked the idea so it was a go.

I had ran out of linen, misbirth that meant a having to get fabric. Not wanting to wait until Saturday to go to Fabric Row, I ran to Karlin’s after work and bought some gabardine which matched closely our “wedding color”. It also would be easier to work with than linen.

I also decided to make my life easier, sewing wise, this time around. Remember how I had used two bands of cream colored fabric? Well, it was quite difficult to make them match, so this time I decided to use the cream fabric for an embroidery applique instead.

Another change I made was to make the cover flaps longer; so that they would go all the way to the binding/spine of the album instead of half way. This would allow me to “hide” extra photo pages that didn’t have pictures and would make the album look neater. The embroidery was the same as before, inspired by the LOVE statue by Robert Indiana; as this was also part of our wedding invitations, but this time centered and with a border.

And here is the finished product:

tias photo album closed

I printed in beige/tan color paper, the description for each photo as she was not able to make it. Here you can’t see it because, for her, I placed a littleĀ  birthday card.

tia album open

So what do you think? I have to make a few more of these…I really like the final product and would like to make one for each of mom’s sisters!