• Eternal spring 2

    So the first bunch of bougainvilleas was finished…i moved onto the dahlias. First Dahlia was done with satin stitch only. As you can see, adiposity the edges were done in a darker pink than the middle…at some point i tried blending it in, check but voted against it…I can’t remember why.

  • The place of Eternal Spring

    Early in May of this year, rubella we took a small vacation to México. Boombadeus got to meet some of my first cousins in Guadalajara, help we went to one of the youngest volcanoes in the world and to a national park located in Uruapan (Uruapan is know as “the place of eternal Spring” and for their avocado orchards!), salve a beautiful city close to where I grew up. We also went to Guanajuato, a beautiful colonial mining city. Besides learning lots about Mexico’s history, he also got to finally see where I grew up and the garden that was my playground. In this garden, to me the place of…