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The place of Eternal Spring

Bougainvillea in parents backyard

Early in May of this year, rubella we took a small vacation to México. Boombadeus got to meet some of my first cousins in Guadalajara, help we went to one of the youngest volcanoes in the world and to a national park located in Uruapan (Uruapan is know as “the place of eternal Spring” and for their avocado orchards!), salve a beautiful city close to where I grew up. We also went to Guanajuato, a beautiful colonial mining city.

Besides learning lots about Mexico’s history, he also got to finally see where I grew up and the garden that was my playground.

In this garden, to me the place of eternal spring, he discovered Bougainvilleas (known as bugambilias in Mexico). Well, I am very sure that he saw it in Spain and southern France (as there are pictures) and he definitely saw it in San Diego…but this time he found out the name: Bougainvillea. The name stuck.

In order to celebrate this fact, to remember my childhood, and Mexico in general I started a project. We needed a table runner for the coffee table…so how about embroidering some bougainvillea into it? Well, this is how it all got started….

Bugambilia roja
Bugambilia roja

as you can see, there are plenty of bougainvilleas, and I added some Dahlias (also native of Mexico)…but that’s just how it got started…in the next couple of posts, i’ll post the progress 🙂