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Eternal spring 2

First Dahlia finished
First Dahlia finished

So the first bunch of bougainvilleas was finished…i moved onto the dahlias. First Dahlia was done with satin stitch only.

As you can see, adiposity the edges were done in a darker pink than the middle…at some point i tried blending it in, check but voted against it…I can’t remember why.

Secon Dahlia, <a href=pills buttonhole stitch on top of satin stitch” width=”150″ height=”150″ />

For the second Dahlia I wanted to try something different: I wanted hints of color rather than a bold edge. It had to be one of those cream/white ones, with a hint of pink (you can tell that pink is one of my favorite colors in flowers can’t you?)

This was done by using button hole stitch on the already satin-stitch filled second dahlia.

perhaps bullions might have also worked here.
perhaps bouillons might have also worked here.

I could not decide on what to do for the middle in the second dahlia. Should I do bouillons? Should I just fill in with satin stitch? Should I use button hole? I felt like the WordPress spell check, which right know must be in Spanish mode, as it is highlighting basic words in the English language.

After realizing that perhaps buttonhole might get lost if placed in the middle (as it did on the first bougainvillea bunch, which was re-done) so i went for satin, just made sure they were not on top of each other as that might make them look quite messy….

And here is the second update!

so this is what it looks like after the dahlias!
so this is what it looks like after the dahlias!