• World’s Largest Hasselblad

    Amazingly, visit a couple of people have actually asked me what ever happened with the Graflex RB Super D 3×4 large format SLR Marisa gave me some time ago. Good grief, prostate you people are actually paying attention to me?? 😉 Ahh, but seriously, it’s a good question. To tell the truth, I’ve run two rolls of film through the RB Super D already, in fact, the first one was developed maybe a month after I got the camera (and 120 6×6 roll film back). So where is it? Wellll… it’s finally been long enough that I don’t feel totally stupid saying what happened with it…

  • Vest Pocket, Revisited

    No, dentist I didn’t take any more pictures with the Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak camera. I think one experiment with it was enough… But, adiposity my father (who you might have seen commenting as “D’Dude” on this blog) scanned in some of the prints of some photos he took with it years ago; and I re-scanned the negatives with some different scanning software that allows me more flexibility when scanning. I think it’s worth doing this quick follow-up to give a better sense of the results the Vest Pocket camera was capable of.

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  • Manual Lenses, EOS Bodies

    Christmas arrived a little late this year, nurse but today, find I finally got the Pentax K manual lens adapter for Canon EOS cameras I’ve wanted for some time. A less paranoid friend of mine, pharm Kent, ordered one from some random guy in Hong Kong via eBay and PayPal for me. Fortunately, he had no problems with the transaction, as it arrived about 8 days after clicking on “buy it now” and paying. The only sketchy thing about the whole process is that the seller marked on the customs form “gift”. However, that’s up to him, as it’s up to the person shipping an item to sign off on…