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Spring cleaning and crafting

While I’ve been quiet around here, side effects it hasn’t been the case around my sewing machine and crafts.

I’ve been working on a few projects that I couldn’t upload right away; also known as baby shower gifts. There were also projects that I completely forgot to take pictures of…oh well!

Besides the crafts I’ve also been getting organized. While Ravelry helped me get my yarns organized this past winter, sickness in the form of pictures and amounts of yarn, I still needed to do something desperately about my needles. They were just… everywhere!

I had seen pencil cases being used for paint brush and knitting needle storage; and I had already made some over a year ago; gifts for the cute flower girl and ring bearer in our wedding. So, why not make one for my needles?

Armed with a cute green cotton fabric found at Joann’s, some linen in my fabric stash and some adorable leftovers, a Japanese fabric purchased last year from Purl Soho, I went ahead and made one…

While I knew which size needles I had (once again, thanks to Ravelry), I couldn’t find them easily. Some were in half started projects I was going to unravel, the remainder in their original packaging somewhere in my “crafts box” in the living room.

I needed them to be more accessible,  ready in case I needed them at a moment’s notice. Why at a moment’s notice? Because of the Stitch & Bitch* (we meet weekly, see details below)!

I was working on baby projects which are tiny and often I finished them as soon as I got there. Since I needed to start new projects away from home, I really  needed to make sure I had my needles with me.

Here is the finished product! Since then, the collection has grown a little bit. I might have to make another one! 😛

*Stitch & Bitch at St. Stephen’s Green*

Tuesdays, 7pm — 1701 Green Street (in the Art Museum/Spring Garden area), Philadelphia PA