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Alex’s blanket

Having finally finished the DNA scarf, more about I didn’t now what project to start next (I’ve found that since I joined the knitting group, try I am more encouraged to finish projects!). I wasn’t interested in knitting another scarf. Luckily for me, right about that time Jess announced that she’d be having a baby. I decided I wanted to knit a baby “something” for her.

I scoured the internets for a project; something pretty, something not too girlie (Jess didn’t know the gender yet) and something not too complicated as I wanted to complete the project before the baby was born.

I also wanted to start using a recently purchased a “stitchionary”, Lace & eyelets, that I had gotten with a gift certificate Boombadeus’ mom had given me for my birthday…but I was still intimidated by the eyelets…but the eyelets and lace look so pretty! Oh, what to do?

I started looking at baby blanket patterns on Ravelry, but most had hearts, bears, and simple squares. Don’t get me wrong, I like hearts, bears and simple squares…but Jess has lots of crochet/knitting relatives…I wanted to do something that was going to be different…then I found this blanket by maggiecrafts. I was saved! Not only did it look beautiful, she mentioned that she had whipped it up in no time. Well, I was new at the eyelet/lace thing…but heck, it looked so pretty, how about I give eyelets and lace a try?

I chose Tulip Lace from my stitchionary, and off I went. I can’t remember how many stitches I cast…probably whatever they recommended in the ball of yarn (Pound of love) and I started.

At the beginning I was knitting on two needles; a few inches after I started it was getting heavy. My wrists were starting to hurt from holding all the weight with only one hand…so off I went to Rosie’s and purchased 36″ circulars. Oh, what a difference that made!! I loved it!

Less than two months later it was done! Since I tend to mostly knit on Tuesdays, at the knitting group, the timing wasn’t so bad for a first timer at lace, right?

Note: when i first wrote this pattern (for myself and friends) a lot of people have had trouble following. I’ve updated this pattern and hope this helps. If you’d like to download the updated pattern, click here.


  • carolyn bart

    I just love this blanket and I think you did a very good job. I was wondering how I could get the pattern for it. I have never been on a blog before. I am a lone knitter as I know no one that loves it like I do.So I never get to talk about it –People get bored with me–lol-Carolyn

  • craftyangie

    Thanks Carolyn,

    I didn’t write a specific pattern; the edges are Moss stitch and the middle is Tulip Lace.

    Give me a couple of hours and I’ll write it up! Been meaning to do so anyway.

  • ruth gilbride

    i too love it and have been wandering around ravelry looking for something interesting to do when i came across your blanket . i will be starting it in the next couple of days…can’t wait!!

    and a note to Carolyn… don’t feel like you’re boring…there’s tons of of us around ! when people start seeing what you’ve done, they get excited too!! Knitting is such a ‘plus’ in my life!!!

  • craftyangie

    thanks Ruth! I too, will start another one (two more friends just announced their pregnancies) it is a fast knit (and i’m not very fast of a knitter!)

    Carolyn, Ruth is right, just surround yourself with like-minded people: start a knitting/crochet/crafts group!

    Ours got started when someone put a couple of posts in a Philadelphia forum and a couple of fliers at local restaurants.

    Surrounding yourself with crafters does wonders for your projects (finishing, starting, creating goals) or at least it did for me…besides i’ve met a wonderful bunch of girls in the group, so I not only look forward to my knitting projects, but to hang out with them too!

  • Michelle

    A friend (who’s in labor as I type) is having a baby boy named Alex, and I thought how cool would it be to find a pattern named Alex and voila – here I am! This is just perfect, thank you for sharing!

  • craftyangie

    Congratulations to your friend, Michelle! It’s a quickie (if you knit in the afternoons); I took a couple of weeks ’cause I would do only 1 hour or so in the afternoons…so you might be able to finish it in no time.

    I’m working on another (similar) baby blankie, we’ll see how long this one takes me. Have fun knitting it!

  • ikko

    i really lov your pattern and i’ve just started to knit this blanket. i casted on 105stitches then on row11, i am short for 2stiches:( how come this happened?? yf is yarn over, right? and SKP is slip1 knit1 pass, right? that means i need 2stchs for SKP, right?
    your visual pattern shows SKP for 1stich.. is this why i’m short for 2stchs?
    please help me….please..

  • craftyangie

    Sorry Ikko, I saw your comments via email; but wasn’t able to respond right away due to a super heavy day at the lab.

    Glad you were able to get it. It is the first pattern that I write down and, because I mostly taught myself to knit, sometimes the abbreviations are what you’d find in an European pattern, sometimes US.

    Hope you enjoy knitting it, is super easy to remember (and adapt) and a very quick knit for those last minute gifts!

  • May

    Hi there! I’m still a bit of a newbie and I live this pattern. I’m trying to make this for my soon-to-be-born nephew but am stuck.
    Where it says yf,skp – after the skipped stitch, do I yarn back before knitting next stitch?

  • Christina

    Can someone pls help me figure out row 11? When I follow the written instruction, the number of stitch does not match…the chart. Thanks.

  • craftyangie

    Hi Christina, for row 11:
    Knit 3, yarn forward, skp (which stands for slip 1, knit 1, pass the slipped stitch over the knitted one), knit 6 and repeat what is between the *. Basically what is in between the stars is the pattern.

    This was my first pattern written, didn’t realize that more than a few friends would download it, so i didn’t include that many notes… i’m updating it right now and a clearer version should be available shortly.