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Fastest baby booties ever!

booties1… After having been left with so much yarn from Pound of Love, I decided to continue the baby-gift-making-fest.

Jeannette, one of the wonderful knitting ladies in my Stitch & Bitch, was making a lot of these cute booties around the time I was making the blanket. She was pregnant and wanted to make these for her daughter, but instead kept on giving them to friends that were also due soon.

She shared the link to the pattern, Sullivan’s baby booties, with the knitting group, and I started making them right away. In no time I had two pairs of booties, which was perfect to go with the two blankets ready to be gift wrapped!

These baby booties are extremely easy; just follow the link and see for yourself. They didn’t really make a dent on the remaining Pound of Love ball, so I’m guessing i’m going to have to make another baby blanket!

Also, because I was asked on Flickr, I am translating the pattern into Spanish below:

Este patrón de botitas de bebe es super fácil; alguien, via Flickr, me pidió el traducir el patrón, asi que aquí esta:

booties2Botitas de bebé de Sullivans Knitting Yarns:


  • 1 bolita de 50g de Sullivans Baby soft knitting yarn
  • 1 par de agujas de 3.25mm, y otro de 3.75mm (UK 10-11, 5)(US 3-4).


  • 0-6 meses: 9cm o 3.5 pulgadas — 1 bolita
  • 6-12 months: 10cm o 4 pulgadas — 1 bolita

Con las agujas de 3.75mm  (UK 5, US 3) montar 33 (37) puntos.

(H1) 1p. al derecho, aumentar 1, 13(15)p. der., aumentar 1, 2p. der.
(H2) Al derecho.
(H3) 1p. der., aum 1, 15(17)p. der., aum 1, 2p. der.
(H4) Al derecho.
(H5) 1p. der, aum 1, 17(19)p. der. aum 1, 2p. der. (45-49 puntos)
Trabajar 8 (9) hileras al derecho (punto musgo)
La próxima hilera: 26(29)p. der., 2p. juntos der.,  voltear, dejando el resto de los puntos en la aguja.
(H1) deslizar 1p, 6(8)p. reves, 2p juntos rev., voltear.
(H2) deslizar 1p., 6(8)p. der, 2p juntos tog der., voltear.

Repitiendo las últimas dos hileras trabajar hasta que queden 33(37)p., deslizar 1p., tejer al derecho hasta el final de la hilera.

La hilera siguente, tejer al reves.

Cambiar a las agujas de 3.25mm (UK 10-11, US 3-4)
(1) 1p. der. *(laz, 2p. juntos der.) repetir de * hasta el final.

Tejer al reves la hilera siguiente.

Trabajar 6 hileras en punto resorte. Terminar.

Hacer I-cord para las agujetas.