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Hawaii Five-O

Posted by craftyangie on August 27th, 2009 in crafts, sewing, top

Last year, refractionist in a trip to Joann’s fabric I was lucky enough to find a ~1 yard piece of acetate in the remnants rack. The background color was black; but it had beautiful bright happy print of hibiscus and orchids on it…I was sold.

The piece of fabric shouted to me “tropical drinks” and “afternoon sunset by the beach” while the theme of Hawaii Five-O played in my head. While I’ve never had a tropical drink while admiring the afternoon sunset by the beach, viagra 100mg I’ll happily start go-go dancing when I listen to the theme of Hawaii Five-O.

A couple of weeks later, stuff on a sewing kick one Saturday morning, I looked at the fabric. “What to make?” I thought to myself. Having just made a halter dress, I decided to make a halter top; a dress but shorter!

I cut three pieces, two for the back, one for the front and barely had enough fabric for the length I wanted. Since making a cord from that was not an option, I used some silk ribbon I found….and ended up with this halter (i kinda love halter tops, not sure why).

I might not love hot and humid weather, but I do love this top. Sadly for me, so do the mosquitos! 😛

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  2. By andipantz on Sep 8, 2009

    You are so talented! And just the fact that you can make all of these awesome things without a pattern is so amazing! I love the top! But now we need to see it on craftyangie!

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