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My excuse

Every time I’m in the Boston area I have to stop by New England Mobile Book Fair…why? ’cause I can get craft books at great prices! For example; last time I was there I bought Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick. The excuse: it has this cute flower washcloth pattern and I had also been itching to make the second bathroom a little more than just an extra bathroom; with niceties for the guests…so why not buy the book and make a washcloth? or two? Specially since Thads’ mom was going to visit soon…

The pattern is easy; increases being the most ‘difficult’ part I think. Five petals are made separately; and then joined (which is quite easy). The not so easy part: making sure the silly yarn ends get hidden.

The cotton yarn (Sublime Cotton) was purchased at Loop (on sale!). It, being cotton, was quite easy to work with (compared to the slippery Misti alpaca that I’ve been battling on my WIP “Calm”); but it was annoying because of the separate threads…every once in a while I’d miss one.

I got three different colors of this cotton; the one I used here is Mashed Banana and I used about 0.6 to 0.75 of a ball…so not that bad huh? What do you think of the finished product?