Hello? Is thing still on?

I know…it’s been quite a while since we’ve been around here. We have a few reasons:
First we moved, information pills then we had kids, page then we moved again.
All this in the space of 10 months.

Now, stuff that life is returning to some sort of normal (read that as snot-on-my-shirt-everyday and random-mess-on-my pants normal), we are starting to adapt the hobbies we used to have to our lives.

I’m hoping Boombadeus starts showing all the sweat and blood he’s put into the house (with record heat summers we’ve been having, there was a LOT of the first one)…and I will try to show all the crafts I’ve been documenting.

At some point the RSS was hijacked, and now it won’t go back to normal on Google Reader. We’ll try and figure it out; but we’ll be honest, might take a little while…