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Cabo? yes please!

Of course, by the time this post goes up, the temperatures will go down to freezing (yup, we’re expecting 32F for Monday)…but it sure has been feeling quite perfect weather wise, in the Philadelphia region!

A few summers ago I felt I needed a change wardrobe wise. I was tired of T-shirts for the summer and I wasn’t happy with what I kept on finding, I decided to make something for myself.

The answer was found at Spool, a store that opened on South Street around the time I moved OUT of that neighborhood. I know, sad, but I still try and go down there just to visit Rosie’s, Spool, Loop and Rittenhouse Needlepoint (in no specific order).

I had seen the Cabo Halter pattern on their blog, but I had said to myself “oh, it won’t look good on me!” Sometime after I found the fabric. Can’t even remember where I got it. Not too crazy, not too tame, black and white. A few days later I saw the Amy Butler pattern on the wall, realized I had plenty for one blouse and said “Why not?”. Paid, left, started cutting and sewing.

This was the result:

Cabo Halter


I LOVED it. Seriously, seriously loved it! It’s so comfy, it’s so light, specially for the humid weather that we get a lot of over here.

If you’re ever looking for something easy AND pretty for later in the summer, I highly recommend this pattern!


  • Kitten

    I wish your rss feed weren’t spam ridden! I missed your posts! Anyway, I like the top a lot. How were the instructions? And how did you finish the seams?

  • craftyangie

    I know…I’ve been trying to figure it out, but I really don’t know how to get rid of the spam. It seems to have stopped…but Thad doesn’t feel like digging through the code.
    (from what I keep on reading people have no idea of how to get rid of it).

    Anyway, about the top, the instructions were super simple. The seams are just using the overlock stitch on the sewing machine.

    Since i’ll be making this one again (very happy with it) next time i’m very tempted to try french seams for a nicer look…