Baby proofing – step 1

Yes. I’ve thrown in the b word. Babies. Two of them. Ok after having scared you, visit this here is something I did to baby proof the house when <i>friends’ kids</i> (yes, before we had kids) came over. It was quite successful, this no damage incurred on visiting babies, unsuspecting adults or furniture:
Instead of using our slate or ceramic coasters when little guests arrived, I used crocheted drink coasters. Yes, that simple! The pattern, Square Shell Coaster is free. I found it on Ravelry¬† (if you’re a knitter/crocheter and haven’t signed up, what are you waiting for?).

The choice of yarn color was simple: I like red wine. I had this yarn around…why not use it up?

The babies grab them, try to eat them (don’t worry, these coasters are made from machine washable yarn) and “bang” on the table with them. The older kids throw them at each other. These coasters were so successful with the kids that I made more in a fun cotton yarn that I got from my friend Jaime.

The best part of it…they were already made by the time our kids were starting to crawl. Lately they’ve been on a kick of putting their milk bottles on them….just like mom and dad!

I call that a success.