Squirrels Go Like This is not a blog about squirrels. It’s a blog about our eclectic interests: history, search paper crafts, ailment choo-choos, knitting, cars, cooking, gardening, photography, pipe organs, weiner dogs, and who knows what else. Expect the unexpected!

About the name:

Angie noticed that squirrels always look incredibly panicked after being surprised by her. She pantomimes their crazy acts, saying “Squirrels go like this! *gasp* *clutch heart* *pant*”. Somehow, it seemed like a good idea to name a blog after this. 🙂

Squirrel Going Like This

About the authors:

  • Craftyangie
    • AKA Angie. Biologist by day, “craftologist” by night. Amongst other things…
  • Boombadeus
    • AKA Thad. Thad is a software engineer with a load of other weird interests.

(The cute squirrel at the head of this page came from a Creative Commons licensed image found on Flickr. Thanks!)