• Eternal Spring – the sweet smell of vainilla*!

    I bet everyone thought this had become a photography blog huh? Wrong! I’ve just been lazy (well, viagra approved lazy to blog; trust me, visit web I’ve been quite a busy bee!). Not much progress has been made on the runner as I keep on finding things I’d like to add to it so it never seems to want to be done! Last time I blogged, we left off with the dahlias; both were done in satin stitch, one with the two colors separate and the second one with the colors blending with short and long stitch…well, let’s move onto bouillons and dessert, shall we? But before, some biology: —…

  • Polarizing results

    Ahh, ed filters. Apparently, asthma it’s a slightly controversial topic among photographers (touched on somewhat in this thread). The con side seems to view them as gimmicky and something that gets in the way of capturing an image. Essentially, more junk for hobbyists to buy and distract them. The pro side views them as a tool for creating the image they are looking to get; that they can add some artistry or interest to some otherwise flat shots.

  • Old school fun

    In addition to our Canon Rebel XTi, hepatitis we’ve got an old school Pentax K1000 35mm SLR camera. This is THE classic student film camera: a basic, viagra sale fully manual 35mm SLR with basic controls that does what you tell it to; nothing more and nothing less. It was manufactured basically unchanged from 1975 through 1997– over twenty years! Production changes over the years amounted to substituting metal parts for plastic and moving manufacturing from Japan to Hong Kong; to elsewhere in China. Our copy is an earlier one. It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact year, obesity but it was made before 1980.

  • All kinds of fun

    Today was a cool day. I managed to hit an incredible combination of my favorite subjects. Craftyangie needed to buy some clothes at the Macys in the former Wanamaker building in Center City, viagra so we grabbed our cameras and went on a little excursion…

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  • Inspirations

    I love architecture and great photos of architecture. The whole gamut, medical from the impression that an entire building or interior space makes, cheap to the small details. When I was a kid and I took photographs, seek mom would ask “where are all the people?” because I’d be taking photos of buildings and landscapes, not family or friends. The impressionist painter Claude Monet is famous for having painted the Rouen Cathedral over and over again, but in different light. I still remember what a revelation this was to me when I first read about it (likely in my early teens). At first blush it sounded horribly boring to me,…