• Eternal Spring – the sweet smell of vainilla*!

    I bet everyone thought this had become a photography blog huh? Wrong! I’ve just been lazy (well, viagra approved lazy to blog; trust me, visit web I’ve been quite a busy bee!). Not much progress has been made on the runner as I keep on finding things I’d like to add to it so it never seems to want to be done! Last time I blogged, we left off with the dahlias; both were done in satin stitch, one with the two colors separate and the second one with the colors blending with short and long stitch…well, let’s move onto bouillons and dessert, shall we? But before, some biology: —…

  • The place of Eternal Spring

    Early in May of this year, rubella we took a small vacation to México. Boombadeus got to meet some of my first cousins in Guadalajara, help we went to one of the youngest volcanoes in the world and to a national park located in Uruapan (Uruapan is know as “the place of eternal Spring” and for their avocado orchards!), salve a beautiful city close to where I grew up. We also went to Guanajuato, a beautiful colonial mining city. Besides learning lots about Mexico’s history, he also got to finally see where I grew up and the garden that was my playground. In this garden, to me the place of…

  • A May to remember

    I learned how to embroider, mind in school, anemia when I was 8*. I was in a private elementary in México, and it was tradition in the school that for Mother’s Day you had to make a gift. Yes, I said make; none of this “go buy” stuff. Besides, everyone knows mom always likes it best when it comes from their little angel’s hands…right? In 3rd grade there had been a découpage hanging plate thing. But, while I do remember having enjoying the being extra careful to give a slightly raised pattern (everyone was just gluing, I wanted to go further!) to the flowers that I glued, I never got…

  • Mum-o-rama: the making of.

    Well, skincare we already discussed how I liked the pomander balls….now here is how they were made: 1. Beheaded LOTS of mums! 2. Went glue gun CRAZY! Nah, viagra order seriously, these are the changes that I made to the pomander idea:

  • Mum-o-rama!

    Picture this: September, apoplectic 2007; a beautiful hot summer in Philadelphia. Leaves were starting to turn beautiful golden colors but the weather remained around 70’s. In our little garden, viagra sale tomatoes were still being harvested; the basil was giving up and the eggplants were growing beautifully. (/of channeling the “oldest” of the Golden girls) Yes, this took place about a month before our wedding. We were working on a final idea for the centerpiece but then it hit me…what about the church?