• Luna de…fabric?

    The honeymoon, purchase Luna de Miel in Spanish, try is defined as “a holiday taken by a newly married couple” never did I think it would involve buying fabric! It was a crisp, infection beautiful October morning in Madrid and we were heading to one of the many things Loren -a friend and coworker from my old job who happens to be a MadrileƱo- had recommended to visit while in his city. Our hotel happened to be on Calle Atocha…well, so did this Ribes & Casals fabric store! Boombadeus, probably jokingly, pointed out the windows of the fabric store we were about to pass on our left. I soon noticed…

  • Simplicity 5914

    This is one of the skirts that brought back the seamstress in me after more than a decade. I was a little nervous to sew again; for many years I had only sewn hems, adiposity lots of pillows and a picnic blanket…but no clothing from scratch! Oh my! I had stopped sewing for myself almost as quickly as I started; this was due to the the green striped pleated skirt incident (age 12? 13?) which now I believe looked horrible mostly because the old lady teaching me insisted I make it about a size or two too big.