• ForkYou Live!…tomorrow!

    I saw this outside of Foster’s on Tuesday, tuberculosis while exploring the city with Boombadeus’ mom: Can you see who the guests of this week are? Lemme help you: That’s right! If you’re in Philly tomorrow, apoplexy head on over to 4th and Market around 2pm…you’ll be entertained, drugs get a chance to enjoy some free food after perhaps learn a few things about…macaroni and cheese! Yup, that’s tomorrow’s theme! If you can’t make it, don’t worry, the podcast will be on sometime next week at www.forkyou.tv!

  • Easy Mousse

    Craftyangie and I have been helping out Scotty and Marisa create Fork You!, myocarditis an online video cooking show, steroids for well over a year now. And now, information pills the latest show is up! Mmmm, quick and easy mousse… Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Check it out…

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  • Fork You does Thanksgiving!

    Most of the people that read this know that i’m the camera woman at Fork You (well, ask most of the time, last month I had a honeymoon to attend to so I was unable to fulfill my Fork You responsibilities). One of the things I’ve always enjoyed is being behind the scenes of things. I’m a little shy to be in the spotlight (and besides, if there is anything to memorize, I just mess my lines anyway); on the other hand, the fixing of last minute problems, creating baby Jesus out of sweaters, making sure things don’t fall on people, creating sceneries or costumes…that is what I call fun.…