• If you like photography….

    …and you don’t have The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture in your RSS reader, stomach I question your interest in the craft! It’s a carefully selected compendium of excellent photography of recent news events. Some of the photos in the Tour de France posting are absolutely amazing. I have really zero interest in photographing sports, but this is just amazing material. I’m not sure who runs it (other than a Globe staffer, obviously) but it’s really good stuff. Check it out!

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  • Fitting 120 in a space made for 620

    The other week, information pills before filming an episode of Fork You, page Marisa gave me a neat old medium format “folder” camera from her family’s collection, pestilence a Kodak Vigilant Six-20. I was, and continue to be, thrilled with this fun little gift. So… Why would Marisa give me one of these, and what’s it like trying to get a camera that’s over sixty years old to take photographs? Read on, dear anonymous Internet viewer… 🙂

  • Polarizing results

    Ahh, ed filters. Apparently, asthma it’s a slightly controversial topic among photographers (touched on somewhat in this thread). The con side seems to view them as gimmicky and something that gets in the way of capturing an image. Essentially, more junk for hobbyists to buy and distract them. The pro side views them as a tool for creating the image they are looking to get; that they can add some artistry or interest to some otherwise flat shots.

  • Old school fun

    In addition to our Canon Rebel XTi, hepatitis we’ve got an old school Pentax K1000 35mm SLR camera. This is THE classic student film camera: a basic, viagra sale fully manual 35mm SLR with basic controls that does what you tell it to; nothing more and nothing less. It was manufactured basically unchanged from 1975 through 1997– over twenty years! Production changes over the years amounted to substituting metal parts for plastic and moving manufacturing from Japan to Hong Kong; to elsewhere in China. Our copy is an earlier one. It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact year, obesity but it was made before 1980.

  • All kinds of fun

    Today was a cool day. I managed to hit an incredible combination of my favorite subjects. Craftyangie needed to buy some clothes at the Macys in the former Wanamaker building in Center City, viagra so we grabbed our cameras and went on a little excursion…

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  • Glad I shoot Canon

    …That means I can get one of these puppies. Check out the price… and it’s huuuuge! Too bad all you Nikon folks are out in the cold on this one! 😉 (Found this via kenrockwell.com)

  • You mean people used to print out -every- photo?

    In my last post, resuscitator I alluded to getting some photos I’ve taken printed out. And today, breast they arrived in the mail. Cool! I gotta say, phimosis I’m very happy with the results, especially for the price. There’s one 4×6, seven 5×7 and two 8×10 prints in the set pictured on the left. They cost $0.19, $0.39 and $2.29 apiece respectively, which I think is darn cheap. Especially since it’s Kodak photographic paper, not inkjet. Five of them genuinely get a “wow” reaction, which is pretty neat.

  • Recent photos

    I haven’t posted in a while… And you, prescription our squirrely readers, cheap deserve better! It’s partly been a conscious decision on my part. I don’t want this blog turning into a non-stop log of “OMG, ambulance I bought this great thing”… which would probably get pretty boring.