• Eternal Spring – the sweet smell of vainilla*!

    I bet everyone thought this had become a photography blog huh? Wrong! I’ve just been lazy (well, viagra approved lazy to blog; trust me, visit web I’ve been quite a busy bee!). Not much progress has been made on the runner as I keep on finding things I’d like to add to it so it never seems to want to be done! Last time I blogged, we left off with the dahlias; both were done in satin stitch, one with the two colors separate and the second one with the colors blending with short and long stitch…well, let’s move onto bouillons and dessert, shall we? But before, some biology: —…

  • If you like photography….

    …and you don’t have The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture in your RSS reader, stomach I question your interest in the craft! It’s a carefully selected compendium of excellent photography of recent news events. Some of the photos in the Tour de France posting are absolutely amazing. I have really zero interest in photographing sports, but this is just amazing material. I’m not sure who runs it (other than a Globe staffer, obviously) but it’s really good stuff. Check it out!

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  • Busy, busy, busy!

    You probably couldn’t help but notice that there hasn’t been much new going on here recently. That’s because we’ve been unbelievably busy in recent months! What, sickness with trips to Mexico, Fork You! filming in various places with Scotty and Marisa, weddings, gardening at our community garden plot, and new cameras, who’s had time for messing around with a blog? Well anyway, we’re going to try to put some new content up here, soon. All that activity means there’s been plenty of things going on to think about and share with you… Assuming anyone is still following this blog, of course! 🙂

  • Ahh, the Internet is an interesting place.

    I was looking through my stats on Flickr to see what’s going on with my photos. I was surprised to see some references to Double Bass message boards linking to my Flickr pictures. Hmmm…

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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to Squirrels Go Like This, buy information pills Angie (craftyangie) and Thad’s (boombadeus) blog on… well, phimosis it’s not about squirrels, I can guarantee that. See our about page for a little more information about us and this wacky blog.

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