• Yashica YL

    You’d think my father would know better than to encourage my camera habit with cameras he finds here and there. But you’d be wrong! My father found this Yashica YL at the town recycling center, doctor grabbed it, prosthesis and gave it to me. According to this website, epilepsy the Yashica YL started production in 1959, which means that this is a nearly fifty year old camera. The lens is 45mm f/2.8; there was also a 45mm f/1.9 version available. The lens appears to be a simple 3 element design; the middle element on this one might have a small fungus problem. The lens elements are not coated, as proven…

  • If you like photography….

    …and you don’t have The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture in your RSS reader, stomach I question your interest in the craft! It’s a carefully selected compendium of excellent photography of recent news events. Some of the photos in the Tour de France posting are absolutely amazing. I have really zero interest in photographing sports, but this is just amazing material. I’m not sure who runs it (other than a Globe staffer, obviously) but it’s really good stuff. Check it out!

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